Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The 4-Hour Body Recipe Ideas

Some High Protein and/or Low Carb Meal Ideas for those doing The 4 Hour Body:The 4-

Fish tacos (fish, cabbage, salsa, maybe tarter sauce)
Chicken Breast broiled or baked with olive oil and herbs
Lettuce wraps



  • Crock pot chicken and black beans

BeansTry adding cumin to the beans and mixing with cooked veggies.

Spinach, tuna and bean salad with oil and vinegar

Add more as you think of them!




Sharon said...

Have you taken note of my last three posts...? Chocolate frosting, apple dip and creamy mushroom sauce for pasta! I'm not so good at the low carb thing I guess :) But I should be more of course, I love taco salad and lettuce wraps!

Rachel Rowell said...

Well, I prefer the high carb stuff! Ruth and I were just trying to make a list of this stuff to help out for meals when we try to eat like this.