Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dairy Free/Easy to make Dairy Free

I've added a new label for dairy free or easy to make dairy free meals for Ruth and all those that may need to go dairy free for sometime or another. By "easy to make dairy free" I mean recipes that you can easily take somthing out of, like cheese, without ruining the integrity of the recipe. I included things that have butter since you can easily use margarine instead (my sister-in-law says that Nucoa margarine works best for baking/cooking). I didn't include recipes that you add milk to although you could easily add soy milk, rice milk or oat milk instead of cow's milk to these if you wanted to.

Below I am going to list meal ideas that don't require a recipe but are dairy free. Please add more of your own in the comment section:

*Chicken and rice
*Potatoes and chili or margarine
*Chicken noodle soup
*Tacos- meat and tomatoes and lettuce (and ketchup:)
* Salad- meat and tomatoes and lettuce
*Sandwiches- PP&J, Tuna
*Plenty of fruits, vegetables, eggs, beans and meat
*Cache Valley pre-sliced cheese (the package says it has 0g lactose)
*Guittard brand semi-sweet chocolate chips (dairy free)

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